Operation Deep Sleep

Tony Tuffs' Journal
Tony Tuffs' Journal

Operation Deep Sleep 3/20/2010

Day – 14

Back to our floor, after dealing with the war-bot (Terminator) from the first floor. Some of us have to go to the med floor to see Dr. Brain-in-a-Jar.

Dr. BJ – Dr. Gozelstein

Magic Mike – the unknowing Terminator, not of this earth. The metal is a silicon based life from from another planet. Possibly one of the spreaders of the plague. Maybe some kind of alien / human hybrid. Possibly the source of the metal dinosaurs & dragons on Mars.

Start planning about a fall-back bunker. Trying to decide were to place it.

Talk about making a conference call to all the war-bots about attacking the war-bot on floor 1. I think it is a bad idea, because the info could get to war-bot f1. I think that we should just talk to Ares to see what he thinks.

Start talking about getting access to the library on floor 2, without having to deal with Machine that Walks.

Make a call to Damocles to ask him if he would contact Ares. Ares shows up after about an hour. I thought that we wanted to attack Sky Net, but we just want to know if there will be a problem if we defend ourselves. There wont be.

Talk to Damocles about the military attempt to breach the death-field. They want to get in because we are in this complex.

Floor 20 – Roy Floor 21 – Bushido Floor 3 – Frankie

We decide to go to see Gibson on the 18th floor. We need a code to get to the floor. Casey Jones hacks the lock with a magnituner gets a yellow result. Someone else has to do it (Amanda). She gets the elevator to move. Music cuts out and we hear, “Ah, you have decided to take my challenge. Follow the white rabbit”. When the door opens, there is a white rabbit in the lobby. Follow the rabbit. It becomes a playboy bunny. We continue to follow. It (she) opens a door and motions for us to enter. Room with reclining couches. All of them have jacks. In a drawer on each chair there is cables for the jacks and head gear for those that don’t have jacks. Computer console in the center of the room. Amanda looks at the user manual. She pockets the DNAST VR that she finds there.

Once we activate the equipment. Amanda and Lars go out and the rest of us start seeing flashes in our eyes and we go out.

When we wake up, we are all standing in a circular room. We are all wearing body suits and we look like we think we should. Door opens and there are backpacks for each of us in the next room. Look through the backpacks. Survival gear, outdoor clothes (khaki) & hiking boots (Rockport brand boots). Everybody changes into the gear. Knives, compass, rope / climbing gear, fire starting kit. Wooden table. Break off the legs to use as clubs. Open the other door to see what is on the other side. Outside of a cabin with motorcycles setting out side. Two have rifles & holsters on them. Archie and Lars take the two with rifles. Leather satchel with a map. On it… the cabin on an island with a lake in the middle of the island. There is an x marked on the map. I ride on the bike with Casey. Rollin is going to ride about 50 yards ahead. See other track, pull over to check them out. Dismount to check tracks. Looks like jeep tracks from about 2 hours ago. Tracks coming from where we are going and turn off the trail that we are on. Amanda decides to ride backwards behind Rollin, so that she can watch our back trail. Lars creates birds (seagulls) with cameras on them so that we can get a birds eye view of the area. They take flight and Archie watches what is shown on the cameras. We continue down the trail. After awhile one of the cameras go out. Lars decides that the birds now have GPS, so they do now. The bird went down about 100 yards off the trail. We are about half way to the x, so we decide to continue to it. We see building and the woods start to thin. Now riding along what looks more like a prairie. We stop to look around and see Warehouse size building near the lake and smoke rising out of the woods behind us. Smoke looks to be about a mile back, not on the trail that we rode in on. As we get closer to the lake, we see a person come out of the building. He sees us and runs back in. Casey guns the bike, goes off the road and wrecks. We are hurt. (3 pts lethal & 10 pts subdual). Get up and check on Casey. Limp toward the building. There is a gun shot from the door. I go to ground. Amanda (does a Prince of Persia) and gains the roof. I start crawling toward the building. Look for some good size rocks to use as thrown weapons. Once I get to were there aren’t windows, make a run for the building. Yell to the person in the building, “Why are you shooting at us”? Get a response in Japanese? Rollin rams the door with his motorcycle. The door burst inward & the motorcycle burst into flames. I head toward the door… running. Get to one of the windows, go through the window. Throw a rock – I miss. A telephone pole falls out of the ceiling, hitting the guy in the side. Archie shoots him twice, killing him. Casey runs up, grabs him by his arm and pulls it off.

Building gutted on the inside. Scuba gear and a table with a locked computer. Archie checks the scuba gear. Amanda checks the computer. There is a short wave radio. Two guys in camouflage are seen approaching the cabin that we came from. 4 sets of scuba gear. Tanks are in the process of being filled. Lake is marked off in a grid. About 40% of the lake has been searched. Disconnect 2 of the tanks (¾ full) and head to the lake with Archie and Casey. Casey is going to stay in the boat. Head to were Mike through a rock in the lake. Amanda suggest we all go. We do. Lars brings back 2 of his birds back.

Amanda uses her laptop to get us in the right area of the lake. Casey & I go off at the first grid area. About ½ hour, I find a hole in the bottom of the lake. I follow it to an air pocket, look around and decide to go back into the water. Once back into the lake, I use my knife to tap on my tank. After not hearing anything back, I head for the surface and signal the boat. Tell everyone what I found.

The raft is converted in to a VTOL craft. The water disappears from the lake. We land near the lake and get out to explore the hole / cave. We get out and explore the hole. We find stairs going down. Symbols carved into the walls. Symbols pictograms – weapons.

Come to an area were we have to jump from column to column to cover a 30 ft gap. Some use a rope to get across. Get to an area where there are more symbols – possibly Latin, on the floor stones. Mike walks on the one that spell Excalibur, showing us, so that we can it across. We come to some stairs that Lars finds to be trapped. He works on them for several minutes, disarming the traps. We go down, getting to an area, that is full of water with a small island in the center. Rollin walks across and tries to pull the sword out of the ground. He does so. He starts coming to us, when we hear a voice asking, “Where are you going?” and out of the darkness a small very pale skinny guy, wearing a top hat comes out to ask what we are doing and why we have removed the sword. He says he is Excalibur. Rollin hands the sword off and charges the skinny pale guy. SKP hits him with a cane and yells “STOP”! He begins to tell the rules of what you must do to use Excalibur. SKP’s long list is suddenly very short and SKP changes into a sword in Roland’s hands. We are back on the surface of the empty lake and then we wake up in he couch room.

We get to find out more / get a tour of floor 18. VR interface chambers. Find more DNAST VR, enough for everyone or one person can use them all, over time.


Lars & Amanda take all of the DNAST VR (except 1).

Mace of Saint Cuthbert – artifact, being carried by Tony.

This is still day 18 (since waking from cryo).

Archie & I go to search the Garage on the 8th floor.

Magic Mike goes to see Nightingale about the metal that he can see in a wound in the back of his neck.

8th Floor Garage: Search Rolls – 3, 18, 12, 3, 20, 3, 1, 1

We find:

General Tools Viking Costume E-Book with Full Literary Collection E1-Etternabattery Microfix 406 Personal Beacon

General Tools Clamps Solid Fuel Stove Ev50-Etternabattery General Tools VietCong Booby Traps, Manual Woodworking Mk 3 Master Chief Armor Commando Wire Saw Leather Motorcycle Jacket General Tools 3 12oz Chicken & Vegetables 1tb Thumb Drive (Empty)

We find a Halo Warhog, with a suit of master chief armor. Has a mount for a weapon, no weapon.

Master Chief armor: armor value 15 all around.

Warhog: engine sealed unit. It starts.

Search 12th floor garage:

1 (5), 7, 2, 5, 1 (2), 6, 6, 2

find: Dave gave us a list, now in my notebook.

Roland goes down to the 2nd floor (by himself).

Go to get Roland’s burnt and blown-up body from the second floor. Take him to Dr. BJ. See Magic Mike getting brain surgery.

Next Day: Day 19

Get together with everyone (that is available) to eat breakfast. Mike is mad that we didn’t tell him that he has a metal skeleton. We try to explain to him why. He doesn’t care.

We talk about going to the 2nd floor to talk to Machine That Walks.

We go and I talk to him about the Indian spiritual way of life. While we talk the others go exploring. We talk for a few hours and I ask him if he is counting coo on the man in the library. He said that we don’t have a beef with him and we can come to this floor if we want too. We go to the library. We use the secret knock. He answers and opens the door. Lots of robot arms with guns guard the door. Steven’s has a list of stuff he wants to trade. We have to pay (trick the computer) so that we can access the virtual library. We bargain with Steven’s for access to the library computers.

Roland comes to the library to tell us that he is going to go to Planet Hollywood. Archie and I go to get the 2 cases of food for Stevens. Once we are in the elevator, I call Amanda. Amanda had sent Roland down to tell us that she and Lars had been hurt in the VR. He didn’t tell us. We go up to the apartments to get the food and check on the injured. She tells us about how they got hurt. We take the food back down and after awhile Archie,Casey and I go back up in the elevator (with the dancing naked sex bot). I go to Casey’s room to look at the black artifacts.

Amanda picks up one of the artifacts, her eyes roll back in her head, then an alien voice speaks to us through her (live).

There are 12 alien races that are part of a consul that voted on holding back human development. One race was chosen to do the job. They are the ones that spread the plague. The race that left the artifacts doesn’t agree with the consuls ruling and is doing what it can to help.

I taped the conversation so that I could play it back for the others.

Day 20:

Go to the 9th floor to try to figure out the code on my key card (6 digit code). Multicard, Violet. I get the code: 196078

Go talk to Scooby about the 3rd floor. Want to know about the robots on that floor, how many. He is no help. Decide to go ahead without the info. Archie, Mike, Casey, Roland and I go down to the 3rd floor.

We use the outer elevators to get there. On the way down the doors open on level 4. 4 Police bots & 2 Secbots in the lobby, with weapons pointing us. They tell us that we have been judged and found guilty.

Gun fight… Draw my Glock 17 and fire a shot missing. The robots fire back. I go for the inner wall by the door (right side). Archie makes a run to try to flank them. Casey steps out and fires him M60. Destroying 3 police bots, destroying 2 of them and damaging another. Mike shoots the damaged one with an emp gun, destroying it. Roland moves out of the elevator. Archie fires at the secbots causing one of them to go down but not out. He continues to fire at the other. Then the bots shoot back. Their bullets bounce of Roland’s mutated skin, which ripples like water. I fire again hitting the standing secbot, doing minimal damage. The battle goes on. Archie gets shot in the face and goes down, possible dead. A lot more robots are coming our way. After grabbing Archie, we jump into the elevator go down to level 2. We go to the external elevator and use it to get back to our level. Call Dr. BJ. We take Archie’s body to him so that he can use it to produce blood.


We brought one of the secbots with us, so that we can examine it. We will have a problem contacting the aliens because Archie was the person that was going to be able to contact them next. We may have to have him cloned if we need to contact the aliens.

Get a phone call from Max (19th floor). He tells us that he has some newly woken people (8). 3 women & 5 men. Suit up and go up to get them. Take the elevator up to the 19th floor. They come with us out to the observation deck. Some of them freak out at the sight of the burnt Statue of Liberty. We take 6 of them down to level 9 (our original floor). The other 2 stay with Max, waiting for Aries.

Get the new people cleaned up and clothed. The 6 are taken to Dr. BJ. We are told the other 2 are on their way to the 18th floor. The warbot on that floor, Gibson, is missing. There is no information on 1 of the 2, Mr. Smith (who has a suit that Casey’s x-ray glasses could not see through). I go get some food started for the new people and us.

Lars tell us what he found out about the alien artifacts. 2 of them create different kinds of force fields / barriers. Amanda activated the triangle, making a force field and tells us that her head is filled with alien math. The artifacts are some kind of primer for the alien tech.

Get background information on the new people from Max. Max has no information on Mr. Smith and has to follow his orders. Get the new people down to the 8th floor and get them housed. Explain to them what has happened in the last 20 or so years and what we know about this facility.

During the debriefing of the new people, we get a call. Ares is down. Mr Smith almost completely destroyed him. We (mostly Amanda) go to Ares to try to repair him. When we get there, we find out that Mr Smith is trying to get into the central computer. After a short time, Lars calls us to the VR floor, where is is in a VR fight with Mr Smith (?). We head there. Mike gets there first. We aren’t far behind.

Get another text to bring certain drugs that will help. Go to get them. I get there with the drugs and inject Mike & Lars.

We find out that we broke the security system while getting Excalibur and Gibson took advantage of this to gain access to the central column / computer. Gibson is trying to get to the Pillar of Autumn. Mr Smith is apparently trying to stop him. Mr Smith has about a day head start on us. We decide rest for a day before going after them.


We head back to our floor to get the new people (NPCs) squared away. We discuss who should be leader. We get a call from Agent Smith. He is in transit and doesn’t want our help. He said that he was modified to be able to handle the situation and that us normal humans could not handle what we would run in to. Some of the crew go down to the armory (using the central column). I am up on the 9th floor with the others.

Get Ares comes down to get me & Holly Winters PI (NPC) and take us to the 15th floor. When we get there we are in a cool room full of computers. We are going to see Oracle, the war bot for this floor. As her about the Pillar of Autumn. It is an emergency military headquarters. She doesn’t know how to get in touch the base. Anyone at the Pillar of Autumn would have access to nuclear missiles, other defenses & a shuttle launch facility. We get the schematics for the Pillar of Autumn. She had the most communication with Gibson. Oracle is not in communication with the outside world. Some jamming and she is not broadcast out. Talk to Holly. She ask what Gibson’s motive may have been. No way to know from here. Ares orders her (Oracle) to go with us to Gibson’s old floor. She disconnects her self to get ready to go.

Some of the others look at Gibson’s game logs and find out that he had been testing the Pillar of Autumn’s security. He was able to defeat the security and wants access to the real Pillar of Autumn, so that he can gain control of the world wide military computers systems.

I decide to go to the end of the tunnel to see if we can find out the status of Agent Smith or Gibson. Some of the others come with me, some go to the reactor to check it out.

5/29/2010 Day 21 Before we go, some of the others want to go to the R&D level to get better armor. Ares tells us that we will have to fight a mark 2 warbot that is guarding the level. He has no control over it. We decide we need the armor, so we go for it.

WD47 mark 2 robot. Roy mark 1 robot comes with him.

The battle begins… during the battle I hit WD47 with the Mace of St. Cuthbert (2.5c). I hear a voice that says “Finally …. “ the mace glows and grows spikes. The next time I hit him (5c). Hit him again. Most of the damage that he is taking from the group is in his legs. Hit him one more time, taking off his right leg. I then go to Casey, who is down with a severed left leg. I get out the med kit. Injecting cardiocine & polycell at the same time. Before I get a chance to use the med kit, there is a glow from the mace and Casey is healed and I am completely fatigued. Was this magic? I get shot a couple of times while I am doing this. I turn and lunge at WD47, yelling “Give me strength!” I swing hitting him in the chest, doing max damage. Spikes penetrate his body and he falls. I hear “Prove your self worthy” in my head. No one else heard this. Marcus (Marc) is down but Casey injects him with polycell.

We get into the armory. (List will be put online).

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