Casey Jones

American Secret Agent


Casey Jones grew up in the midst of the James Bond era. He watched every movie and studied every cornball pickup line. Bond became Jones’ idol. So much so that he enrolled at Harvard and majored in International Studies. He became a duel Master in this field and Behavioral Sciences. After becoming a CIA agent Jones found out that the world of espionage is very different from the world of Bond. There were more close calls and less “getting the girl” at the end of every mission.

There were several very close calls that almost made him call it quits. One in particular involving a secret meeting involving the Chinese and North Korean governments, Almost put the US in a state of Jeopardy. His quick thinking however allowed him to escape without compromising who he was or who he worked for.

After that debacle he decided he’d sign-up for Operation Deep Sleep. The CIA needed one of their own in it anyway. Little did he know that he’d wake up years later to a world that was more dangerous and death-defying than his own.

Casey Jones

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