Charles Anthony "Tony" Tuff

TV Show Survivalist -- Cryogenically Frozen in 1995 (one of the first frozen???)


Kidnapped, at a very young age, by his father after a nasty divorce. He lived in Canada until his early teens. He rescued the pilot of a bush plane that had gone down north of were he lived. This got his picture in the news. His mother’s father, Justin “Walks Other Lands” Jones (his grandfather)a Chinook Sage, came to him soon after his appearance on the news. His grandfather tells him that his mother had died a few years back and asks him to come to live with him. His father doesn’t want him to go but lets him (mostly to avoid legal troubles).

Tony moves in with his grandfather. He teaches Tony a lot about how to live off the land and a tries to teach him some of the mystical ways of the medicine man. His grandfather claims that he can speak to the spirits of the dead. After many attempts, on one occasion, Tony speaks to the spirit of a woman that says she is his mother. She tells him that she never gave up on finding him and that she is surrounded by people that love her.

Not long after Tony graduates from high school, his grandfather goes on a spirit walk and never comes back. He seems to be in a coma. The doctors at the local hospital can’t figure out why he is in a coma. His grandfather dies a few days later. Tony tries many times to go on a spirit walk to talk to his mother or grandfather but is never able.

He spends the next few years doing odd jobs. One of the jobs he does is being a guide for out of town hunters. On one of the hunts, several days into the woods, a bear destroys most of the camping gear and food. Luckily no one was in camp at the time. One of the hunters, James Smith is a TV producer brought a small movie camera with him and had it with him when the bear destroyed the camp. He decides to film their track back to civilization. They make it back after a few days of ruffing it, living off the land.

Mr Smith shows his film to some friends in Hollywood, liking what they see, they ask Tony to star in a TV show that will have him surviving off the land in different types of situations. The show is a mid-season replacement show called Tuff Enough. The show does well and is picked up for the next season. Towards the end of the second season the ratings aren’t that great and there is talk of canceling the show. It doesn’t look like the show is going to be renewed for the 1995 season.

The producers brain storm to come up with something new, a new twist. Tony is approached by some people that tell him that they are looking for volunteers for a cryogenic sleep study. The volunteers will be frozen for one month. He talks to the producers of the show and they like the idea of filming the before and after process as the season opener for Tuff Enough.

Because of the nature of the sleep study / experiment, only Tony and his personal camera are allowed into the facility. He films the medical exam and all of the prep work that is done to get him ready to be frozen. The last part of the filming is done by a technician. Once Tony is frozen, the technician is to store the camera with the rest of Tony’s stuff in a locker. One month later, the same technician is suppose to film the thaw process… It was a very long month.

Charles Anthony "Tony" Tuff

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