"Magik" Michael Halsey


Michael Halsey stands at and even 6’-0” and weighs 165 pounds. Light brown hair and dark brown eyes lend Halsey’s thin face an air of deep mystery, or so he likes to think. Actually his face is somewhat handsome, but neither mysterious or greatly intriguing.

Halsey tries to always dress to accentuate his lanky build, preferring long-sleeved shirts and creased pants. On stage, Halsey is never seen without his trademark sequined black top hat and crimson vest. Since his cryogenic hibernation and subsequent thawing, Halsey has grown a mustache and goatee.


In early 2005, “Magic” Michael Halsey was well on his way to becoming a celebrity stage magician. Performing with his partner Jason “Fingers” Meltzer, Halsey worked a series of mid-level venues, always trying to come up with the next big trick, but never afraid to steal good ideas from his competition. It was this tendency to rip off ideas that was Halsey’s eventual downfall.

While performing at a minor-league casino in Las Vegas, something went terribly wrong with Halsey and Meltzer’s act when the trained lion became spooked and attacked Fingers. Luckily for Halsey, Fingers was the only one on stage at the time, and thus, the only one of them to be attacked. After ripping out Fingers’ throat, the tiger bolted into the audience, where it injured several audience members before fleeing the scene.

Reeling from the double loss of his good friend and the future of his career, Halsey took an assistant named Trixie and tried to salvage what fame he could. Halsey shamelessly self-promoted his act, banking on the tragedy on talk shows, interviews, and eventually beginning work on a book about the incident.

About this time, Halsey began having an affair with Trixie. With Halsey’s wife back in Virginia, it was nothing to keep the two women apart, or so he thought. An ambitious photographer managed to snap a shot of the two lovers in a compromising position, and plastered the image all over his news site. Within the week Halsey was being sued for divorce, Trixie had quit the act (Halsey had never told her he was married), and the media had turned on him.

Desperate once again to salvage his career, Halsey volunteered for Project Deep Sleep as a publicity stunt. Halsey had managed to bribe one of the technicians to open his cryogenic capsule early and remove him from cold sleep. Halsey would then be brought back to consciousness and an empty tuxedo left in his place. When the capsule was opened at the appointed time, Halsey would not be there, and the resulting media coverage would be hailed as “Halsey’s Great Escape”.

What Halsey could not know was that Operation Deep Sleep was far from a mundane operation, and the one month trial run of the equipment was a hoax. When Halsey awoke years later in a post apocalyptic wasteland, the realization of what had happened began a slow but steady breaking with sanity.

"Magik" Michael Halsey

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